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hōtaka ā māua

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Our Women's Programme will support you to develop a greater understanding of the patterns of abuse and why they occur in relationships.

You will learn about the 'Cycle of Abuse'.

You will be provided with the opportunity to focus on self-empowerment, rebuilding confidence and redevelop a positive sense of self.

You and your whānau can live a life free from domestic family violence.

You are not alone


We will advocate and support tamariki who have experienced family harm - domestic violence. 

Tamariki 5-12 years of age

We facilitate individual and group safety programmes. There is a focus on building upon emotional literacy, a sense of individual wellbeing, empowerment and safety. We ensure the 'voice of the child' is heard, valued and respected.

We will advocate in schools, with police, government and community services.


Our Family Violence Specialist will support tamariki (children) who have experience of family violence.  They are there to walk alongside and honour their incredible abilities and capacity.  Just under half of our clients are tamariki, so we’re working with and for them every day providing counselling, programs and one-on-one support where we can.


Our confidential advocacy, will be in your home or community.  We provide advocacy when dealing with police, legal, court, WINZ, housing, doctors, immigration, schools and Oranga Tamariki.  We can support you with referrals to counsellors, doctors, lawyers and other support services, with therapeutic education and support groups for women and children about living free from violence. Our Family Violence Specialists support you to understand your level of risk, and help you to develop a safety plan.

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